segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

Eyes Wide Shut - Masked Ball

esta música arruina-me

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  1. oooo i love this scene! I just recently re-watched this movie. I found myself blushing again at the sexy, racey parts :P

    can i get the translations of that last entry if you have it?!

    your blog makes me want to learn portuguese!

  2. and you should, though is very difficult to learn (not even the portugese speak it well or write it), so that you can read her poems/texts. and yes the sexy scenes in the mask ball... well i don't blush but...

    cris, é realmente assustador e não é nada difícil ter logo de seguida pesadelos.

  3. dopetype,

    yes, you can have it, of course, but to where can i send it? or do you want me to post it in your blog like a comment?

    yes, portuguese is not an easy language, actually, i know if you're aware but a lot of portuguese singers and music band write their songs only in english... well, anyway, i hope my blog can help you!

    about "eyes wide shut" i think i still feel more scared than the sexy thing... the song... makes me chicken skin all the time, but still i love to watch it !

    thanks both of you

    cheers e saúde!

  4. OOoo right right, you can find me @ :))

    i just downloaded a "learn to speak portuguese" manual today! it's gonna be epic!

  5. Porque puseste tu esta cena aqui?


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